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Rayware Mason Cash Can S12 Ciotola per mescolare 29 cm

Speedball Deluxe Block Printing Kit


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Speedball Deluxe Block Printing Kit

SKU: 00120375
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Product Specification

Block printing Kit designed for the True Block printing Artist oro Enthusiast
Cutters are hand-crafted from High Quality Tempered Steel
Hand Ground Cutting edges are Ideal for both soft and Hard substrates
Hard Plastic Adjustable comfort grip lino Handle
Ink is water-soluble - AP Non-toxic - Archival and blendable
'This kit is designed for the True blockprinting Enthusiast who modello would love the opportunity to try both linoleum Block and soft Block Carving. It includes a 4 x 5 Lino Block. ha 4 x 6 Speedy stamp. a Lino Handle. forno taglierini and a # 6 Knife. It also includes Water-soluble blockprinting INKS in Black (75cc). Red. Blue. Yellow (37cc each); blockprinting Extender (37cc) designed to create trasparente color. a 4 soft Pop-in Brayer. a Dual Purpose Bench Hook/Input piatta and a Block Printing tips and idea booklet.